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About Frank Perri and Philadelphia Hypnosis

People ask me all the time how I became a hypnotist. Obviously, it’s not a common career path. The short version is that I grew up in theatre. I wanted to be an actor most of my life. I transitioned in college from being an actor to being a magician, and then from being a magician to being a stage hypnotist. As I continued learning about the psychology of hypnosis, I got certified as a hypnotherapist and that’s where I am today.

I trained and got certified by various teachers and organizations from the UK, Australia, & Canada, most notably the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH for short). I have been using my skills to make the lives of my clients better, and I love what I do!

I also perform stage hypnosis, but I get different types of fulfillment from each. It feels like 2 sides of the same coin, exploring different expressions of this art and science. The stage shows are fun, exciting, exhilarating, however, it is a much different feeling to sit across from someone who has been struggling to make a change in their life for years.

I have been fortunate to help those who have lost hope. Many of my clients decided to give hypnosis a try and have been thrilled with results they didn’t think were possible. I’m not saying all my clients are like that, but it feels good to be able to help people. I love this practice and this is a life long journey for me. There is still much I have to learn, and I will probably never stop learning and having fun doing it.

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